Our Vision

Clarity, and

Akanista is a mindfulness training school who work closely with businesses and individuals to support performance and resilience at work.


Did you know?

It has taken years to build stress into people’s lives. Mindfulness has been scientifically proven to assist in releasing stress and anxiety which allows those
practising to live a calmer, happy and content life.


of employees take time off due to stress at work


of employees reported being
stressed while working

137 million

working days lost to sickness absences in the UK in 2016


of clients attribute stress at work to burn outs


of the time, our mind is not in the present moment and a wandering mind is not a happy mind


How can Akanista help?

Personal – we work with individuals to manage stress and build resilience using evidence-based and authentic mindfulness programmes

Corporate – we work to develop employer and employee self-awareness by tapping into human ingenuity through professional development training programmes and personal coaching services.


Services offered are outlined below although we are happy to create a bespoke service based on your requirements.


Talks, courses and support
access available 24/7 to assist
in embedding new habits and
for use when needed the most.
Mindfulness on the go 1-3 mins
for busy people.


2 hours 1& 2 day
Mindfulness workshops for
corporate and personal
1 hour lunch & learn sessions.

6-week courses



2,4 and 7 day retreats in
London, the English Countryside
and on the Algarve coastline.


Individual Coaching Sessions

One to One Mindfulness
and life coaching sessions at
work, home or at one of our

*It takes regular practice for benefits to
take effect so we recommend a 6-8 week
course for maximum results.