Three things that you may like to adopt on letting go

New Year comes with new resolutions; some adopt new habits whilst others try to work on letting go of old habits that are no longer supportive. We may forget that we’ve got to do the internal work before making external changes. Here are three things that you may like to adopt on letting go:

  1. Your need to be right. Many people struggle with this. I know what it’s like to hold on to my opinion the satisfaction of being right. My teacher Vajradhara Mahayogi Sridhar Rana Rinpoche emphasises over and over again: “It’s more important to be kind then to be right.” I’m not there yet but sure am on the way. It is liberating not having to fight others for what you believe in and it’s just so much easier to let go. It’s being kind part I’m still working on. So let’s walk on this path together. Here is a lovely story (AUDIO) that I recorded about being loving and gentle.
  2. Your need to fix yourself or others. This one surely comes from place of love but really doesn’t help anybody. As I tell all my clients nobody is broken that they need fixing. They’re just going through rough patch so ‘care’ for them rather than ‘carry’. Accept what is and try and see things as they are rather than how you want it. Healing comes when the individual are ready to heal. We can’t force healing neither on ourselves nor on others. Care my darling, care for yourself, and care for them. Let go of carrying the weight.
  3. Your need to be perfect. Number of people I’ve come across who are perfectionist; gosh, what a hard work. You forget to have fun, become rigid and it just never ends. Please be easy on yourself and you deserve a better you. Let go of your need to be perfect and accept yourself as you are. Be open to what you may discover.

I know it’s easier said than done but it’s not IMPOSSIBLE. Some 10 years back when I was talking to my cousin sister that changing a habit is “impossible”, she pointed out to me: “open your eyes and see what you’re saying really means is “I-m-Possible”. Change your perception to change your life. It is possible and you can do it.

If you want me to walk you through, I have created a whole eight weeks online programme called “Better Me” that you can sign up now to start the change in your life.

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Wishing you more love, peace and fulfillment as we head into the New Year! I’m so happy to be on this journey with you.

Nitima x

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