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In this blog, you will be finding ways to slow down and eat intentionally so that you can make most out of your food. Yes that’s right, we are talking about losing weight through enjoying your food. One study tracked more than 1,400 mindful eaters and showed them to have lower body weights, greater sense of well being and fewer symptoms of eating disorders. As mentioned in the previous blog ‘Get control of your eating habits’ when you slow down the pace to eat and turn your full attention to your food, you will notice that you enjoy natural and healthy food and notice what used to be comfort eating is in fact does not taste as good as you thought they tasted.

Here are few ways through which you can adopt the habit of eating mindfully:

Gadgets in the bag

With the increase of all sorts of gadgets, there is also increase in attention deficit disorder. Our ability to pay attention and focus has decreased a lot over past 7 – 10 years with so much distraction available. You can probably spot more than 60% of the people using their phones, playing games, listening to music or talking over the phone whilst they are eating. When your attention is somewhere, you don’t taste the food as much, you chew less, your digestive system has to work twice as hard to break down the food that should have really been done whist chewing. So when you eat, simply eat so you can make the most out of eating without anything distracting your attention.

Moment of reflection for appreciation

Take a moment to reflect how your food got to your plate. Personally this is my favourite part because it helps me to ground myself. We are fortunate to have food on our plate every day and it can help to reflect how the food got to here.

Let’s go on a journey how your food got here in the first place. An apple for instance; somebody would have to cultivate the apple seed, plant the seed, wait for sprout, water the plant, patiently wait days, nights and years for the tree to grow. Somebody to pick the apple when it’s ripen and then the whole process of packaging, travelling, marketing, shelving, shopping, scanning, carrying, washing and finally on your palm. There are contribution of countless number of being involved for one apple or anything else to be on palm of your hand. Isn’t that amazing? This gets me into the practice of feeling grateful for the contribution of every beings that are involved in the process. It allows me to ¬†appreciate what I have and therefore I do not take food for granted. I enjoy eating whilst feeling grateful and therefore savour the food I eat.

Paying attention

During our mindful eating practice we take eight to ten minutes just to eat one grape. Of course you don’t have to be that slow. It is just a practice of paying close attention to your mouth, taste buds whilst you are eating. You will find that you savour and enjoy your food and it’s one of the healthiest things you can do. You are more likely to notice when you are full and therefore stop eating, you will chew your food more for which your digestive system will thank you for. You will notice the flavours more so you can make the right food choices, otherwise have missed in the past. You will be surprised how many different flavour and texture there can be in something simple as an apple or pear or anything else. When you pay close attention you will also notice the junk food you used to eat doesn’t actually taste as good as you thought they did so; you will natural stop eating the junk you don’t need.

The way you eat can also reflect on the way you are, so slowing down on your eating over time can help you to slow down with other stressful aspect of life too.

Mindful eating does not have to be an extra chores. As we have to eat several times a day, we can utilise these times to make the most out of it to benefit you. It is a commitment through which you can enjoy your food you eat every day and can be a great door way to healthy eating and living. It is a life style change.

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