Mindfulness A Business User’s Guide

Are you in business? Are you a leader, entrepreneur and manager who look after small, medium or large size organisation and people?

Watch out for ‘Mindfulness’. Mindfulness is the next big thing. It was featured at the cover of the TIME magazine, featured on Forbes, Financial Times and many other circles and it’s the most frequently used word of Oxford Dictionary in 2014.

Mindfulness means to pay attention in the present moment, on purpose, non-judgmentally and with compassion. It has its origin in Buddhist meditation and about 2600 years old practice.

The evidence on the benefits of Mindfulness is very convincing. It’s not what you’d think at first a mumbo-jumbo meditation. It has been scientifically proven to reduce stress, increase performance and helps organisations to be more decisive and compassionate.

I have been invited at the Cass Business School, City University London where a group of experts, scholars and Mindfulness teachers gathered to speak about Mindfulness: A Business User’s Guide. The recorded video is below. I spoke from a spiritual perspective of this ancient practice while other speakers spoke from a modern academic perspective.




While companies such as Google, Apple and Deutsche Bank are using Mindfulness based interventions in leadership, performance and management, Mindfulness is still a relatively new topic. Can Business and Mindfulness go hand in hand?

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