Modern Challenges


The negative effects of stress not only influence your sense of emotional fulfilment but your immune system, circulation, hormones and breathing. We teach people to protect themselves from the effects of stress and information.


By working with individuals, groups and family, we want to work to develop the resilience in human, mental and physical strength. We work to help develop the resilience of human mental and physical strength. We want to help people draw strengths from their natural resources and build successful and healthy lives.


How Mindfulness will help?

PROTECT Foster a feeling of protection of and care for individuals at work.

STRESS Prevention, intervention and protection from stress and depression.

ENHANCE Stimulate creative initiatives. Enhance human potential and better project success rates.


Change negative thoughts habits and increase concentration levels.


How we help individuals?


4,6 & 8-week mindfulness workshops/courses for personal development. We regularly run in London.


3, 5 and 7 day retreats in London, the English Countryside and by the sea in Portugal. We combine mindfulness, yoga and life-coaching to provide a holistic service towards a better life.


One to One Mindfulness, and life coaching sessions or one of our studios or home.


Talks, courses and support. Online mindfulness training sessions.