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Private session

Bespoke services that are customised to your needs


We offer full confidential support in one of our chosen safe spaces.

Private Mindfulness session are wonderful way to work through, regardless of whether you are beginner or want to deepen your practice. Your private session will be customised to your personal needs and is completely confidential. Your Mindfulness session does not end with an hour, because Mindfulness is a way of life. You will be give tools to enhance the practice during the day as you go about to your daily routine, at work, home or whilst socialising. You will also receive short weekly audio recordings for you to meditate at least 10 minutes a day. As discipline, time and effort is part of your self-care.

Over time you will notice increase in awareness of your thoughts and behaviours. This will result in changing your way of being for instance responding to situation and challenges rather than reacting to old habitual pattern. Over time you will find yourself to develop resilience when faced with challenges at work, home or in life in general.

Why should I attend private session?

Private sessions are for you if you would like to have personal mentor who can guide you closely with your practice, especially if you would like to work through a specific issue it will be tailor made for you.

If you are unable to make it to our weekly course in South Kensington, perhaps you would like to consider private sessions which can be more convenient in terms of time or if you do not feel comfortable in a group setting, this can be a good way to start.


“I have been meditating every day since we met.” Editor, Psychologies Magazine.

“You provided me with an amazing experience of well-being. The provision of tools enable me to develop a coping strategy. This has been so empowering.” Nikki Chivers, Choices 4 All.

“His teachings were profound and his meditation training was a life changer for me.” Designer, Sothebys.

To arrange a private session please contact us with your details, interest and availability.


The sessions could be arrange via Skype, in person at one of our designated venues or visiting you in your home. The prices will vary, so please contact us directly to talk more.