a residential Retreat

Fri Jan 20, 2023 — Thu Jan 26, 2023, Wiltshire, UK

spiritual retreat
spiritual retreat

disconnect to connect:

A New Year, a New You

A Nourishing Week of Healing Your Mind, Body, And Spirit through acceptance and compassion

We take care of the logistics. You come, relax and heal yourself. An rare gift to yourself to transform your relationship with yourself by developing self-compassion for resolving and healing past traumas. Gain new perspectives to move forward with your life with confidence and resilience.


* Flexible payment plan available on request (pay in instalments if you do not have enough saving at the moment)

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From £728 – limited spaces!

Prices are inclusive of all meals, accommodation, meditation, and creative workshops. The numbers are limited to only 13 people to retain the quality of an intimate group setting.

“A couple of years ago I went on a retreat with Akanista Mindfulness and it has literally changed my life! I was at an all-time low, stressed, sad, angry and needed a way to cope without medication… My dad picked me up from the airport a week later saying “You look 10 years younger!”


Healthy Lifestyle Coach

Our homebred recipe for healing the mind, body, and spirit

is designed for everybody

You can look at it as a spiritual playground where you will learn to be your own best friend, with a combination of meditation, moving your body, silence, group workshops, inspiring stories, rituals, and the much loved Dharma teachings with discussions. Take this time to explore and rediscover what’s really important to you and let go of the things that are no longer serving you.

We wanted to do this in January, as it is the start of the year. The Healing Retreat is the perfect place for you to explore and discover it for yourself.

Over the years, we have continued running these healing retreats, because they genuinely change peoples’ lives (testimonials below)! We know how transformative these retreats can hold special places in our attendees lives, we are so grateful to each and everyone for being brave. Miracles are not walking in the sky or water. Miracles are moments when we allow ourselves to heal from our past traumas, wounds and unconsciousness and bring those neglected parts into light with care and compassion. You survived, and you made it here! You will be surprised how your life begins to shift and blossom when you consciously choose the path of acknowleding, accepting and healing yourself.

We have worked with hundreds of people who were going through the most confusing times of their life, whether broken marriages, relationships, childhood traumas, change of career or direction or simply feeling lost in their lives. We often say in our retreats that one has to acknowledge these challenges as wake up calls, and that they are there for a reason. We need to listen to them. Normally we’d distract ourselves, or push those deep feelings away. They can be overwelming, so we turn to alcohol, addictions or unhealthy emotional needs and expectations from others. Of course, they do not go away. They stay under the darkness and shadows, and show up at the wrong time and places. In these retreats, we give them a voice, safely provide spaces, understand their reasons for existence, and heal them from the inside with compassion.

We will be using a holistic approach integrating mind, body and spirit. Using mindfulness, Buddhist Philosophy, Energy Healing, Creative movements, Inner Child visualisations and hypnotherapy, you will go a path of deep cleanse and healing.

There will be time to relax, reflect and have fun with the support of the group. We ensure everyone is felt welcome, and supported during the stay. You take what you need to take, and give what you need to give. These sessions are tailor-made, with some group inputs. You can choose to share as little or more as you want – you are in control. You will be respected for who you are.

All our workshops are led by trained therapists and guides, and they have years of experince and qualifications. We want you to feel safe with us, and trust in your ability to heal too, and move forward with your life. The theme on this retreat is HEALING. Many of us have gone through a lot recently, whether it is personal, family, relationships or career. It is, therefore, our aspirations to support you to acknowledge your situation, build resilience and compassion, so you can move forward with your lives.

Experienced guides

This is a unique and transformational retreat, facilitated by experienced guides Karuna Priya, former Buddhist monk, and Nitima Priya, an integrative holistic counsellor. If you are looking for change in your life, for deeper meaning, connection, inspiration or to clear, cleanse and reconnect with yourself, nature, and creation, this retreat offers you a sacred space to cultivate a more radiant you.

exquisite location in WILTSHIRE, UK

This is an invitation to enter into a retreat in an exquisite location, to cleanse and revitalise through the practice of yoga, meditation, ancient Buddhist wisdom, cleansing, detoxification, nature connection, inner journeying, and group work. The essence of the retreat is rooted in authentic Buddhist wisdom, as well as being a space to cleanse and renew through healing, movement, wholesome foods, and daily meditations. 

What will you learn in this retreat


How to calm the overactive mind


How to take care of your whole being


How to experience the beauty and depth of embodying practices


Philosophical talks for insights and realisations


How to utilise compassion and mindfulness


How to regulate your emotions using creative interventions


How to show up for yourself during difficult times


How to live with courage, curiosity and compassion


Stories to support your meditation practice and find new inspiration

Personalised Support and heart-to-heart Conversations

What nitima has to offer you

As a holistic counsellor, Nitima has been facilitating individual and group therapy sessions and mindfulness classes since 2011. She has years of experience working with people facing trauma, anxiety, addiction, and much more. Nitima has found that these are merely surface issues, but the root causes of people’s suffering are most often fear of uncertainty, fear of being judged, feelings of unworthiness, and constantly seeking validation and acceptance. Her healing approach is to guide her clients to face their challenges with compassion, courage, and connection in order to bring new insights and realisations for resolving their issues.

Nitima will guide you to have a better understanding of how your mind and body are interconnected and help you learn to pay better attention to the needs of your body through body-based movement meditation. You will work with your conscious and unconscious mind through creative workshops that delve into Mandala- your universe and utilise rituals and gentle life reflections that can help uncover where you stand, what’s keeping you stuck, and how you can move forward. Nitima will work with you in an energetic way where you will feel safe, held, and not judged. A combination of authentic meditation and holistic therapies such as Energy Healing, Emotional Freedom Tapping techniques, and gentle movement allow you to relax, unwind, find your true self and a peaceful inner happiness.


What karuna has to offer you

We’ve had a tough couple of years since the covid-19 pandemic, with various global and environment emergencies. The effects of these are still very much around and there is still so much uncertainty. Many of us have suffered from changes in our mental and physical conditions. As a Buddhist monk, Karuna has learnt that it is often hard to change your external conditions, but you can certainly do something about your internal world and where you choose to place your attention. There is always going to be suffering, in one form or another. Most of us try to avoid it by distracting ourselves, yet all of us have to face difficulties at some point in our life times. It is better to face them as they are in front of you with openness, authenticity and acceptance. No matter what happens to us, we can heal ourselves. But we must start right where we are. There is no perfect time. Now is the time to act. In this retreat, you will learn to accept emotions as you are experiencing them and that all along they have been trying to teach you to acknowledge, forgive, heal, and find your true calling. Through Buddhist philosophy, we will learn to relate to our own suffering, so we can respond to our daily challenges with courage and compassion. When we change the way we relate to ourselves with compassion, we can begin to heal others too.


Prices are inclusive of all meals, accommodation, meditation, and creative workshops. The numbers are limited to only 13 people to retain the quality of an intimate group setting.


30% deposit required to secure your space!

previous retreats in UK and Europe

Combining ancient wisdoms with modern tools

We lead busy and over stimulated lives. We are constantly distracting ourselves with tonnes of entertainment which have distanced us from our true selves. This can affect many areas of our lives, both personal and work related. The retreat is less about obsessive thinking and more about opening your mind to inner calm.

This retreat will help you to face and heal issues that may be blocking you from connecting with yourself. You will learn to practise mindfulness with wisdom and compassion. This is an opportunity to really get to know your habitual actions and reactions and be equipped with tools to deal with life’s challenges. Changing your relationship with yourself will change the way you connect with the outside world.

It is seen that in order to bring change and transformation to the world that all healing must begin within, with the self. The retreat is a space for you to cleanse and quieten your body and mind in order to hear the clear voice within, and again come to flow with the streams of wisdom that are the original essence of the natural world.

The retreat days are woven with a blend of practices, classes, rest, and nourishment. Throughout the week the group will explore the nature of the heart, awakening the sacred wisdom within and the remembrance of Earth as a living being.

Hear what others are saying

“I would encourage anybody who is going through stuff in their lives to come to them to find peace of mind.”
Micheal Thomas
Former Arsenal, Liverpool, Benfica & England Footballer

“Really comfortable, dynamic and life-changing retreat! It really brought the group together, created a family atmosphere and really brought new ways of looking at old issues. Definitely the best retreat I have had in my life.”
Elizabeth, Intercultural Services Manager

“I was feeling stressed and busy in life. Akanista Mindfulness helped me get clarity, live in the moment and put myself first. It changed my life!”
Thomas, Cushman & Wakefield

“I have learned to be more kind and gentle towards myself. I would highly recommend them to people who work with people and in large organisations, dealing with diverse groups who are all looking at life from different perspectives.”
Catherine Lambert, Director at Savills