Self-Compassion: 6-week Advanced Meditation Course

The next course starts on Wednesday 16th January 2019

This course is for those who have completed introductory Akanista’s 6 weeks Mindfulness Course Level I/II or any other 5-8-week MBSR/MBCT/Mindfuless-based courses and want to deepen self-compassion from authentic Buddhist meditation traditions.

You will practise and develop a regular practice with a group of like-minded individuals with careful guidance from experienced tutors – discussing, listening and sharing stories from famous Buddhist meditation teachers, like Ajahn Brahm, Thich Nhah Hanh and His Holiness Dalai Lama.

The core of Mindfulness practice is compassion and in this course you will learn to relate to yourself with understanding, kindness, empathy and gentleness. Understanding that common quality of being a human being means to be imperfect and that’s okay. We must find perfection in our imperfections.

Eventbrite - Self-Compassion: 6-week Advanced Meditation Course


We offer payment options to suit your needs.


£150 6-week course + day retreat


£245 6-week course + day retreat


Limited offer
Eventbrite - Self-Compassion: 6-week Advanced Meditation Course



We are 10 minutes walk from the nearest tube station South Kensington



6-week course dates: Wed 16 Jan, 23 Jan, 30 Jan, 6 Feb, 13 Feb & 20 Feb 2019

Time: 18:30 – 20:00

Day Retreat date: Sun 24 Feb 2019

Time: 10:00 – 16:30


If you miss a session, you are welcome to catch up the following week by coming 15 minutes early or next time we run the course within 3 months of starting the course

With mindfulness and self compassion you will learn to embrace yourself as you are with flaws and all. Allowing yourself to be without any harsh judgements, holding yourself with compassion enabling you to be resilient so you are able to bounce back from the challenges you face in life.


You will learn to:

Embrace yourself no matter what
Discard limiting beliefs
Be gentle with yourself
Befriend your mind
Find comfort in the discomfort
See yourself and others differently
Increase empathy and self-awareness
Be more loving to oneself and others
Accept change

  • I would encourage anybody who is going through stuff in their lives to come to this course to find peace of mind and connect with their being and bloom like a flower.

    Michael Thomas

    English former professional footballer

  • I have been meditating every day since we met.

    Suzy Greaves

    Editor at Psychologies magazine

Karuna Priya and Nitima Priya are two very experienced meditation teachers in London who have worked with people from all walks of lives and have helped see themselves from new angles and learn to be gentle with themselves, be more loving to oneself and see others from a place of empathy and care. The course has help people resolves differences and move on with relationships with themselves and others.

Karuna is a former Buddhist monk with 15 years of experience in authentic mindfulness training; on the other hand Nitima is a trained holistic therapist well versed in western psychology and helping clients to go deeper with themselves so they can move on with their life. Their Yin-and-Yang combination works so well in helping their clients.

Eventbrite - Self-Compassion: 6-week Advanced Meditation Course


Karuna Priya Akanista Mindfulness



Karuna is the co-founder and lead teacher of Akanista Mindfulness. He had been a Buddhist monk for 15 years in Sri Lanka and Thailand and holds a Masters Degree in Buddhist Studies from SOAS, University of London. He serves as an interfaith chaplain to Imperial College London and Royal College of Arts.

He is also a RYT500 Yoga teacher.




Nitima is an integrative counsellor, life coach and mindfulness teacher. She studied Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, NLP & Counselling Skills at the Contemporary College of Therapeutic Studies (CCTS ) and is a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). Nitima, besides running workshops at Imperial College, Royal College of Arts, Soho House, Coats, BAT, NeuLion and Save the Children, also facilitates residential and non residential retreats in the UK and in Portugal.

Akanista Mindfulness classes have shown me a simple yet highly effective way of becoming calmer and more focused in my day to day life. The recordings that are provided at the end of each class are helping me practice the techniques on a daily basis

Eventbrite - Self-Compassion: 6-week Advanced Meditation Course


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