Better Me

Bitter Better ‘Me’ Programme

To build good relationship with yourself

An 8 weeks life-coaching programme to change your world

Did you know you can take charge of your life? No matter what you went through in the past or what your future holds, it is never too late to upgrade your life. We upgrade our phones and computers; why not do the same to our mind? To do that, of course, you need a kinder and wiser version of you. You need to let go of the unhealthy version and embrace the new healthy version. This programme is designed exactly for that to systematically help you understand yourself better, release stresses of life and move forward in life.  It does not have to be hard. I made it so simple for you. You simply listen to my guided recordings as I laid down for you each week and I shall take accountability for your progress by communicating with you once a week and guide you personally on your unique journey. It is not easy to do this work alone but it is not impossible, given support. With me and my confidential group, you will be in a safe space to explore yourself and also learning from other participants, just like you. I will equip you with all the tools that you need to be the better version of you.

How it works?

Send email to info@akanista.com, you will receive the account details and soon as the payment has come through you will be given access to my restricted contents and pdf downloadable workbook.

Better Me is eight weeks program and you can go at your own pace. You will have all the resources you need and can go back as many times as you like if you feel you need to repeat the process.

Please be aware, Resistance shows up in different forms and you may not notice them. You will notice resistance showing up during certain process e.g. when you say: ‘I love and appreciate myself’. If this feels strange and uncomfortable, then that is an indication of ‘not wanting to change’. That is a resistance. It may not be in your vocabulary to be gentle and loving towards yourself and that’s what you will be learning here: release the old unbeneficial patterns and adapting new ones that are conducive for your wellbeing.

The guided audio recordings come with introduction to the week, theme of the week and creative processes. At the end of the recording, I will be setting you a task which you require to do over the week. The weekly recording varies from 30 minutes to 90 minutes. Ensure you set aside 90 minutes time and space where you will not be distracted. It’s an opportunity for you to be with you, because normally you may not make time for yourself.

You will learn to discover the core of who you are and start building better relationship with yourself.

Why this program?

When was the last time you did take time out for you without needing to compare or judge or guilty? You are probably working and running in the habitual patterns that you adopted when you were 5 or 6 or 7 years old. Have you upgraded your thoughts, attitude, purpose since? We upgrade our mobiles, laptop and software regularly. When was the last time you did that with you mind?

It’s about putting on the oxygen mask on you first by working through critical voices in your mind, being open to exploring them, giving time and space to understanding and eventually not allowing them to get to you! We usually try to avoid or reject them, but the more we find them there. By going through the guided process in this program, you will learn to be at ease with yourself and bring about better change in your life. You will learn to value, honour and respect yourself.  It is very gentle approach where I will be guiding you through step by step. It is combination of creative intervention, guided visualisation, meditation, affirmation and law of attraction.

It comes with workbook or you can choose to have your own journal that you can decorate in your own way, personalise and you can always refer back for reference in the future.

When we work on something new or changing our habitual patter, it is not too long before we go back to old way of being. This happens because we are not aware of the resistance which comes in cleaver and unknown forms and it happens subconsciously. You will bring this to awareness and work through overcoming resistance with respect through working with your subconscious mind. I use a holistic approach where you will be in touch with your mind and body and move forward together as a whole being. Using mindfulness, psychotherapy, creativity, working with your right brain and left, you will in no time, see the changes in your attitude, feelings and daily life.

How many times have you set goals to make changes but never really happens? Why? Because there are no plans. Like anything you have got to have someone guiding you through, reminding you that you will face resistances and this is how you get over the resistances. If you have not done the ground work, the change is only short lived and before you know, it you are back into the same habitual pattern of thinking negative, over-eating and so forth. I will guide you through step by step on working with your mind and bringing about changes from within. Regardless of what kind of challenges you are facing in relationships, work, or finance, if you do not start within, not much is going to change!

Who is this program for?

This program is for anybody who would like to explore yourself deeply, if you’re going through or have been through tough phase in life, it’s for you. If you find that you’re holding on to past and it’s still affecting you, it’s for you!

This program will really allow you to find yourself by working through various aspects of your life. If you have limited beliefs such as ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘it’s not for me’, ‘nothing ever changes in my life’, then it is for you. There is a module where I will be guiding you through to change your beliefs. What you believe about yourself and the world rules your life. So if you want to change your life you really want to work on changing your belief and it’s one of my favourite modules. However, if you would like to explore yourself deeply and find your potential, it is also for you, because this is a journey. A journey where I will guide you through working with your past, bringing resolution so that you can live in the present moment without any resentment, tightness, without having to hold your past. Once you learn to let go, it becomes easier to live in the present moment to create a beautiful future. I would like to invite you to join me on your journey to be the better version of you.

It is not just about sitting and making notes. I will be setting you task to do each week. I am inviting you to changing your paradigm, changing the way you think because that affects your behaviour and your behaviour effects your action, as a result you are living the life you’re living today!

“Nothing changes unless you choose to change”

Albert Einstein said – “Insanity is doing same thing over and over again expecting a different result” We do that all our life. Eating the same food, hanging out in the same place with same people, working in the same place, same thinking pattern and same habits – and complain why don’t things change for me?! Why am I not losing weight? Or why am I not getting my dream job? Why am I still so angry? Do you realise what’s happening. Until and unless you make some changes in your thinking pattern and your way of being nothing around you will change. It may change but it will be only short lived before you know it you’ll quickly go back to the same unconscious habitual pattern.


Your investment to join the programme

I have made it very affordable and accessible for all, because I want to help as many people as I can. It’s only £59 for whole eight weeks.  It is less than £8 a week, your coffee/tea cost. Each week, you will have guided recordings of the introduction, instructions and the processes. All you have to do is find time and space where you will be undisturbed. You will also see me live videos where you can interact with me. You will also find workbook which you can work through to make notes etc.

This program is really about learning to live from ground of heedfulness, care and diligence. That is from ground of compassion and kindness where you will go in depth of understanding yourself and also be experiencing things from the other side which is rather rare. We start with easy exercises but over time I will guide you to go deeper into yourself. You will be using your analytical mind as well as creative mind through creative processes and task. It is a gentle approach.

If you are one of those people who live far or cannot attend my live programs/retreats, this is perfect way for you to progress with your journey. This is also at the comfort of your home. You can access from where you are and at your own pace. I will still be there guiding you step by step. Remember you have private platform should you need support of the tribe.

You can email me directly at info@akanista.com to esquire or learn more about this programme.