Online support

The announcement of a pandemic is presenting us with an “unprecedented” challenge – you may be feeling helpless, powerless, anxious, scared and confused with many other feelings. You are not alone. We are all in this together.

Here are some online resources (audio playlists) for you to listen and learn how to manage stress and increase natural resilience.

Thank you for your support

We are offering these resources for free to benefit as many people as people during times of difficulty and needs. To cover our cost, if you like to make a donation, you can do so now by going to the link below.

One-to-one Holistic Counselling sessions

We are offering bespoke and confidential one-to-one support sessions if you are directly or indirectly affected by the situation. Self-care is paramount during these uncertain times. It is important that you talk to someone who can help you, not feel isolated, sad, anxious or depressed. It is possible to keep your immune system and your mind strong. To arrange a private session online or in person, please email us at info@akanista.com or call this number 07730570358.

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