Mindfulness and compassion are proven techniques which can reduce stress, worry, anxiety, anger and frustration. They help to improve focus and decision making, promote better sleep, improve relationships at home and at work, ultimately create a happier and better you. Make mindfulness and compassion part of your day, and get inspired by authentic teachers.

ZENMIND serves as a tool for reflection in a time of societal disconnect. It seeks to unearth the roots of the mindfulness practice, and create an open and personal space for clients to engage in meditation, therapy, courses, events and talks. Engaging with valuable insights from authentic teachers will allow users to have rich and meaningful experiences. Our live events provides community support to listen or share stories. Interacting with others will help deepen your own practice.



SOS meditations to deal with strong emotions as they arise – from 30 seconds to 3 minutes and longer if needed

Guided meditations of various categories, lengths and levels

Non-guided meditations with options for soundtracks and time


Valuable insights from guest authentic teachers from various Buddhist traditions

Talks on ancient philosophies relevant to everyday life

Holistic therapies such as energy psychology, emotional freedom tapping, visualisation and mantra techniques


Track progress of your sessions, duration and events attended

Sleep section with tailored bedtime meditations and stories

Special discounts for onsite events such as retreats and courses

“Over a third of the population are suffering from insomnia which is affecting their physical and psychological health impacting performance, creativity and resilience. Considering this, Sleep will be one of our prime features. We are excited to introduce holistic therapies, philosophical talks and inspiring stories to enhance your health and wellbeing.”

Karuna Priya & Nitima Priya, Founders of ZENMIND