The worlds of science and mindfulness might seem unrelated, but there is new scientific research being carried out all the time which investigates how mindfulness affects people. Across the world, people have practiced mindfulness in different forms for millenia and many can vouch for its benefits, but both lifelong practitioners and people who are new to the practice might wonder what scientific evidence there is for these benefits. 

This series of articles is about the benefits of mindfulness and what scientific research has found about the ways mindfulness and meditation can impact us psychologically. These articles have been prepared and written by Rhiannon Thompson, a PhD candidate at the Imperial College London, who is currently researching the risk factors for poor mental health in adolescence.

We update the articles regularly in order to share the connections between research and meditation in a way that is simple and accessible to a wider audience. If there is a particular topic you would like to see covered in this series, please get in touch.